Professional Development Tracker has a host of features highlighted below

Course Management

  • Create a course
  • Schedule multiple sections of a single course
  • Assign continuing education credit (CEUs,etc)
  • Manage Class Enrollment
  • Manage attendance
  • Award digital certificates of attendance
  • Assign Course Fees
  • Course Registration & Ticketing
  • Email Confirmation
  • Online Events
  • E-Tickets
  • Easily check-in staff or Scan Tickets with Android and iOS 11+ Devices
  • Calendar widget allows users to easily schedule the event in their calendar

Professional Development Requests

  • Online submissions of LPDC credit requests
  • Attach/Upload Verification to LPDC request
  • Link to Individual Professional Development Goals
  • E-mail notifications
  • Text notifications
  • Online review and notification

Individual Professional Development Plans (IPDPs)

  • Link to State Professional Standards
  • Link to relative Professional Certificate or License
  • E-mail notifications
  • Text notifications
  • Online review and notification


  • Individual Reports
  • Building Reports
  • District Reports
  • All reports are PDFs
  • Exportable results as CSV Files

Teaching Certificate/License

  • Track Valid and Soon to Expire certificates/licenses
  • Track Permanent Certificates
  • Track Coaching (Pupil Activity) Permits


  • Multiple Levels of Control and Access
  • Individual Staff Accounts
  • Assign Staff to their respective buildings
  • Link staff positions to state educator standards